Pregnancy and Anti-phospholipid Syndrome

This is yet another story with a happy ending, but this one took more time… I was flying back from Japan, only to find crazy messages from an old friend who was reaching out for help. She had suffered multiple miscarriages over the last few years, and told me that after her last miscarriage just a few months earlier that the doctor had ordered blood tests which found she had a condition called Anti-phospholipid syndrome.

This condition essentially caused her blood to be sticky and congealed which would result in miscarriage, finally it presented facts around her miscarriages. On top of that massive news, a few days later she also found out she was pregnant naturally with twins and was 7 weeks pregnant. I researched this condition in depth to understand what the effects are, how modern medicine addresses it and at what stage was most dangerous which allowed me to determine the best treatment approach and schedule for her going forward.

We essentially decided how effective acupuncture would be to stimulate the blood enough to avoid coagulation and it would work side by side with the medications she was required to take. Iron infusions were a necessity due to having twins and extreme shortness of breaththis resulted in massive constipation. Each week we would have a wonderful catch up, tackle the changes and challenges together. At week 15 we looked at the blood work which even indicated that the condition no longer even existed… amazing stuff.

She is now, living happily with her partner and her twinsshe was so fortunate to have both a boy and a girl!

It certainly was exciting to work with her and go on the journey. I have worked with many women with their pregnancies, which raise enormous physical and emotional challenges… it goes without saying that each persons fertility journey is so unique!