Alopecia… hair loss and bald patches

Alopecia (hair loss) is another condition which not only affects our appearance but a persons self esteem. There are many types of alopecia, the main one which I have treated multiple times successfully is Alopecia Areata where hair loss occurs in patches on the scalp. For people subject to this condition, this generally occurs during periods when the are going through of high stress. There is a higher occurrence in women than men and it is classified as an auto-immune condition.

Using acupuncture and also chinese herbal medicine, I have witnessed complete hair regrowth with hair follicles in these bald patches regrowing in as little 1 month to 3 months – across a variation of age groups 30-75yrs of age

Depending on the extent of the hair loss, how long it has been and how one responds to treatment… this will provide a much more accurate view of the actual treatment period.