Your Health Experience

We want you to be comfortable and to provide our best care with accurate assessment and effective treatment to achieve your health goals. Here is an overview to help prepare for your visit:

Preparing for your Appointment

  • Complete your New Client Intake Form prior to the appointment day
  • Bring current information of tests, medications and supplements

Before Assessment & Treatment

  • Wear comfortable clothes for assessment of abdomen, arms, legs
  • Do not eat or drink immediately before 45min laying face up/down on table
  • Use the facilities to be comfortable during abdomen assessment
  • Be on time to relax, breath comfortably and calmly to facilitate circulation and obtain optimal treatment effect.

Following Treatment

  • After treatment avoid any strenuous activity, to allow the body to continue integrating and absorbing the treatment.
  • Sit and Re-hydrate, take some time to drink extra water afterwards – this will assist to ‘flush’ and re-hydrate the cells assisting the rejuvenation process.