Dysphagia… swallowing issues

I recently came across a patient who complained of the sensation that something was stuck in his throat. I say recent, because in my years of practising and the thousands of patients I have assisted I have never come across this – this was a strange symptom which my lecturers spoke about during my undergraduate degree.

My patient expressed he had been suffering from this sensation for the past 4 years. Initially he reduced the discomfort by making sure he chewed his food properly, then he became more selective about the textures of the foods he ate and then reduced meal portions to avoid it. He was a guy who liked working out at the gym and playing social football on weekends, but over this period he lost weight and his energy levels were impacted not able to consume the nutrition he required for his active lifestyle.

After 3 years, as it had become progressively worse and the steps he had taken had not improved his situation. He decided to seek assistance and investigations requesting X-rays and MRIs, but they provided no indication of what the cause of the uncomfortable sensation was. There was no physical obstruction or anatomical abnormality or change which appeared in the scans.

He was drained and had lost hope and it was only through his new found girlfriend who discussed his complaint with her friend – a Chinese Medicine practitioner, that he came in for a consultation to work on the globus (sensation of lump in the throat) and dysphagia (difficulty swallowing).

It has been quite a remarkable transformation, following a thorough review of his daily rhythms during consultation and in just 1 month of commencing weekly acupuncture treatment and herbal medicine he was pleased to report that this sensation that had plagued him for 4 years had completely resolved.

Insomnia… asleep just like that

Asleep just like that… Yes it was in fact actually only 2 acupuncture sleeps ago from when my patient for the past couple of years had slept well through the night and woke up all refreshed.

My patient had never experienced acupuncture before, but thought he would make the most of his health fund extras and decided to come in to see if acupuncture could do to help with his poor sleep and low energy levels.

After his 1st acupuncture session he reported that he had instantly been sleeping well, and then after just 2 acupuncture sessions at his 3rd treatment (Each treatment a week apart) he reported that he had not only been sleeping extremely well, but had also begun waking before his alarm and feeling much more refreshed.

He was so pleased with the experience and outcome, he had a happy snap with his needles to post on Fb to share with his family and friends.