BODY+SOUL Infusions

We make and use a clinical range of BODY+SOUL infusions, which are made from raw and processed Chinese herbs and pure essential oils. These are used to reinforce synergistic treatment effects.  

BODY+SOUL infusions are made with you in mind, inspired by the ever changing cycles of life and nature to provide care for your life journey.

Clinical range

  • Dao, Raw herb infused massage Oil – invigorates tired muscles and improves circulation
  • Circulate, Essential oil infused Lotion – invigorates circulation to reduce fluid retention
  • Surrender, Essential oil infused Lotion – pre labour induction oils
  • Rejuvenate, Essential oil infused Lotion – invigorates circulation to reduce stretch marks 
  • Calm, Processed herb infused Balm – soothes and clears up dry inflamed skin patches

We also make Day-to-Day and Pre & Post Labour ranges which are available for your BODY, home, pre and post labour, travel and SOUL.

*All products made from plant extracts to provide anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory medicinal benefits and are free of aluminium, paraben, sodium laurel sulphate nasties.